Technologically advanced mechanical weed control products for inter-row and in the row weed control

Specialising in row crop equipment, Garford are recognized as a world leader for their range of Robocrop Precision Guided Hoes and Robocrop InRow Weeders. The Robocrop range of products use video cameras and image analysis computers to locate crop position and then guide the hoes quickly and accurately.

Garford have developed the ability to manufacture individual machines to meet the specific requirements of each customer. Garford Farm Machinery is at the front line of precision farming development, able to bring a wide range of solutions to the market.

Robocrop Guided Hoes

Robocrop is the original and best crop imaging system which achieves excellent row following by viewing multiple crop rows over a large area. Utilising the Robocrop grid matching technique accurate row following is possible even on narrow row cereals and multi-line (carrot type) rows.

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Robocrop InRow Weeder

The Garford Robocrop InRow Weeder uses tried and tested Robocrop video image analysis techniques to locate individual plants in order to mechanically remove weeds from the inter row and importantly within the crop row between the plants achieving total weed control throughout the field.

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The accuracy of Robocrop guidance for your tractor. Robo-pilot facilitates integrating the Robocrop Precision Guidance System for tractor guidance. Unlike common automatic guidance systems, it uses local positioning information to guide the tractor. This enables for very high accuracy of crop row tracking.

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Robocrop Spot Sprayer

Garford have developed the In Row Weeder to be implemented to create the spot sprayer, a modified programme to seek out individual weeds growing in the crops. With the aid of specially developed nozzles, it sprays as a true spot sprayer, therefore reducing the chemical cost.

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Robocrop Slide Shift System

The heart of enabling weeding of crops; Fitted with two rams, potentiometer and speed related flow control valve, these units can be supplied for retro fitting to any make of hoe or mounted machine that needs accurate guidance with varieties of sizes to accommodate various widths of machines.

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Band & Hooded Sprayers

An alternative to inter-row cultivators, the hooded sprayer can provide total weed kill between the rows without soil disturbance. The hooded sprayer units can be employed on their own or in combination with soil engaging crop protection shields if required. The hoods are supported on parallel linkage wheel units.

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